Our bimetal radiator Alustal is particularly suitable for the installation in high-rise buildings thanks to its excellent resistance to very high pressure and corrosion even at pH levels higher than aluminium radiators 


  • Nominal heat output ΔТ 70 = 191 W/sect.
  • Average service life no less than 30 years.
  • Increased corrosion resistance. pH level in the range 7-10.
  • 100% MADE IN ITALY
  • Working pressure 40 bar, test pressure 120 bar.

Fondital guarantees ALUSTAL for 20 years from the date of installation against all production defects provided that the heating system conforms with regulations, in compliance with the standards in force and provided that instructions on installation, use and correct maintenance supplied with the product have been observed.

Models Depth (C) mm Height (B) mm Centre distance (A) mm Length (D) mm Connection diameters (inches) Water capacity Litres/sect. Exponent n Espon. m Coefficient (Km)
500/100 97 559 500 80 G1 0,19 1,3 0,02 0,67805

Maximum working pressure: 4000 Kpa (40 bar) Characteristic equation of the model Ф=Кm ΔТn. The thermal efficiency values shown comply with the European Standard EN 442.

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