A high degree of innovation, achieved thanks to the 3 patents this product was able to obtain, allows the Ardente radiator to be ideal for renovations and low temperature heating systems.

Pure White RAL 9010


  • Optimal weight-to-heat output ratio
  • Double coating for lasting finish: anaphoresis + powder coating
  • State-of-the-art technology protected by three international patents
  • Light and easy to install
  • Modular: perfect for any space
  • Ideal for low-temperature applications

All models ARDENTE C2 are guaranteed 10 years from installation date on manufacturing faults, provided that the installation has been performed in compliance with the current norms and respecting the instructions relating to the installation, the correct use and the correct maintenance.

Models Depth (C) mm Height (B) mm Centre distance (A) mm Length (D) mm Connection diameters (inches) Water capacity (litres/sect.) Heat output W/sect. (ΔT 30) Heat output W/sect. (ΔT 50) Exponent n Coefficient (Km)
C2 500/100 97 556 500 80 G1 0,26 57,0 109,8 1,2835 0,7240
C2 600/100 97 656 600 80 G1 0,29 66,2 127,5 1,2851 0,8361

Maximum working pressure: 1600 kpa (16 bar); Maximum working temperature: 120 °C
Characteristic equation of the model Ф=Кm ΔТn
The thermal efficiency values shown comply with the European Standard EN 442-1:2014 and are certified by the MRT Lab of the Milan Polytechnic, notified body №1695.

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