We are pleased to introduce Procida

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Heat pumps: the solution for a low-cost sustainable house

In response to today's environmental and energy needs, heat pumps are the solution for heating, cooling and producing domestic hot water.

As they use air and water, they are not dependent on fossil fuels - from which the European Commission envisages independence by 2030. On the contrary, they largely use renewable energies. They work by extracting heat, hence energy, from the outside and then using it for their functions.

They represent one of the most effective ways to reduce our carbon footprint without compromising on comfort in our houses. For this reason, they represent a tool for the planet decarbonisation. A real revolution for heating systems, to the total benefit of the environment and consumption rates.


R32 - What makes heat pumps sustainable products?

The European Commission's regulations on environmental sustainability have also determined the need to replace refrigerant gases. The proposed gases feature better efficiency rates than previous greenhouse gases. European - and anybody’s - goal is to limit and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 90% by 2050 compared to 30 years ago.

It is possible to achieve this important goal by gradually replacing gases with others producing a lower impact on the greenhouse effect. How to find out? Each gas features a specific indicator expressed by the acronym GWP. The Global Warming Potential indicates CO2 kgs produced by a gas. The lower the GWP, the less polluting the gas will be.

Procida heat pumps use a low GWP new type of refrigerant gas, which is therefore less polluting, called R32.


Why choose a Procida Heat Pump?

  1. Double saving
    Heat pumps are air-conditioning systems benefiting from tax deduction incentives related to energy efficiency. Purchasing and installing one of these systems, therefore, allows you to benefit from immediate discounts on the invoice and to recoup part of your investment, while ensuring low consumption and energy efficiency.
  2. Environmentally friendly: combination of heat pumps and aluminium radiators
    In order to limit the high inertia of modern heating systems, which are not in line with the current hectic pace of our lifestyles, a combination of heat pump and aluminium radiators is recommended. The reactivity and low inertia of aluminium radiators facilitate domestic temperature management, thus ensuring better comfort and optimising waste.

In the heating sector, aluminium responds to the new needs of the home. Aluminium radiators allow for precise management of the system and shorter heating times, improving energy savings thanks to their low thermal inertia: there is no need to programme the heating to turn on hours before returning home, unlike cast iron radiators.

The alloy castings produced by Fondital feature:

  • high recycled material content
  • low carbon footprint
  • excellent quality performance

Their combination will therefore create a heating system that is not only efficient, but also sustainable.


Procida range: one heat pump for every need

Procida's decisive pluses confirm its models as green products:

  • High heating performance COP values: referring to the coefficient of performance that indicates the change in the ratio of the heat output to the power input and the work requested to give off that heat.
  • R32 gas: its use guarantees a reduced impact on environmental heating (with a GWP = 675)
  • Energy classes A+++ and A++

Procida: Air-Water Heat pump range

The Procida range consists of three air-water heat pump models that meet different thermal needs thanks to their different operating modes:

  1. Procida AWM – Monobloc Inverter
    For the production of water for heating, cooling, and with the addition of a boiler and 3-way valve for the production of DHW. Suitable for renovations or energy upgrades as well as for new buildings in mild climate zones with non-extreme outside temperatures.
  2. Procida AWS – Split Inverter
    For the production of water for heating, cooling, and with the addition of a boiler for the production of DHW. This is our choice for houses in climatic zones subject to harsh winters thanks to the remote control of the hydronic module inside the house. We recommend it both in renovations/energy upgrades and on new buildings.
  3. Procida AWS XB – Split with integrated DHW cylinder
    For the production of water for heating and cooling. Combined with 190 l plate heat exchanger for the production of DHW. Choice recommended in solutions where there is no technical room for storing great boilers and when an all-in-one system is required.



Heat pump heating is the solution to adopt if you want to keep up with technological innovation while remaining sustainable and lowering energy costs.

Thanks to the continuous technological evolution, today Fondital is able to offer an innovative and essential product to meet the recent energy, environmental and economic needs.

Discover the complete range on our website: don't give up on innovation and savings.


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