Double painting

The solution against corrosion



Corrosion is a chemical-physical phenomenon that leads to the degradation of materials as a result of the environment in which they are located.

Due to the corrosive process, the product undergoes a progressive and irreversible decay of all its properties.

In the specific case of radiators, this type of phenomena should be considered not only during installation but, even before, during product design and implementation.

Fondital has therefore developed double painting for its radiators, consisting of two main phases:

essential for metal protection

Epoxy powders
increasing the degree of protection and giving the desired aesthetic finish


The pre-treatment phases are also crucial: before painting, Fondital products undergo a dedicated washing and pre-treatment cycle, which guarantees high resistance to corrosion and optimal grip of the paint throughout the surface.

Durability and resistance

To maintain high quality standards, Fondital performs various technical tests according to the different regulations in force.

The most significant ones are the salt spray and the humidostatic test, which are a certified assessment of the paint resistance to corrosion. They are carried out in a harsh environment designed to accelerate the effects of the agents on the product, and the degree of decay is monitored throughout the 24-hour cycles.

The test results show that Fondital radiators with the double painting remain unaffected for up to 216 hours (9 cycles), while radiators featuring a single layer of powder coating show initial signs of failure after only 96 hours.

The results obtained confirm the efficacy of the dual anaphoresis and powder coating, which ensures the radiator's aesthetics, as well as its operation and performance, to remain unchanged over time.

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