Antea Next

The Fondital H2 Ready boiler for Sustainable Heating



Fondital has always been committed to continuous improvement, in order to provide cutting-edge, highly-efficient, and environmentally friendly products, and to maintain compliance with the recent European anti-pollution regulations targeting new energy carriers. That’s why it is proud to introduce the new Antea Next: the first Fondital boiler certified to operate with 20% methane-hydrogen mixtures. The Antea Next is the evolution of the best-selling Antea Condensing, with a renewed look and components, designed to offer optimal comfort and performance, while at the same time guaranteeing a minimal environmental impact and optimised energy consumption.

Antea Next is available in versions:

  • KC - instantaneous production of DHW
  • KR - CH only
  • KRB - CH only, with integrated 3-way valve


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Antea Next: Features and Advantages

Antea Next is the result of an innovative and technologically advanced project aimed at ensuring excellence and lasting performance. The new Antea NextCeramiXSteel” combustion unit is a highly durable heat exchanger combined with a Ceramic Quality burner:


  • Made from stainless steel
  • ​A single spiral with no added manifolds to prevent air bubbles from forming, which could limit the uniform and functional circulation of the water
  • A new design with a larger water passage area, which is less prone to fouling and sediment build-up, and ensures high performance and improved efficiency, even when partially obstructed, thus making it ideal for existing systems in which sediment is more likely to be generated
  • Made from ceramic fibre, which offers exceptional performance for combustion systems
  • Greater flame stability to allow for a wide range of modulation
  • Long lasting, with almost no risk of corrosion
  • Silent, thanks to its fibre structure and porosity, which make it ideal for attenuating high and low frequency noises


The CeramiXSteel combustion unit is completed with a new air-gas unit with 1:9 modulation, offering a perfect combination that promotes savings, comfort, and a significant reduction in pollutant emissions.


The ecological choice for heating installations

The Antea Next is the solution to the growing need for environmental sustainability in the heating sector. Thanks to the use of hydrogen, this boiler is a key solution for reducing CO₂ emissions and contributing to the decarbonisation of the environment. In fact, hydrogen is recognised as a green fuel, and is considered one of the main candidates for the transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources in the future, in order to ensure environmentally friendly heating.

The features that make the Antea Next an environmentally friendly choice for heating systems are listed below:

  • Easy Tech function: A special parameter allows the burner’s activation to be delayed if the hot water tap is opened by mistake or for a very short time, thus extending the life of the boiler and saving on gas consumption
  • Consumption is monitored via the user menu, for daily energy consumption reports
  • Low-voltage gas and three-way valves for reduced energy consumption


In order to further improve the heating system’s overall sustainability, we recommend installing the Antea Next H2 Ready in combination with aluminium radiators.

Aluminium is an extremely sustainable and virtuous metal that can be fully recycled an infinite number of times while maintaining its original properties. Moreover, thanks to its low thermal inertia, it’s the material that’s best suited for use with modern heating systems, as it is capable of recovering the initial energy consumed for its production through the savings obtained during its use.


Advanced Electronics and Smart Connection

In order to ensure even easier use, Antea Next offers a completely redesigned interface:

  • Large, functional, and intuitive multi-page 2.8’' colour TFT graphic display
  • Combined comfort: thanks to the use of a room sensor, the unit’s operation is adapted to the room’s temperature, with no need for an additional thermostat or chrono thermostat
  • New thermoregulation with an external probe to modulate operation based on the outside temperature
  • Combined use of an external probe and a room sensor for optimal comfort and increased overall heating system efficiency
  • Customisable weekly settings able to be adapted to the household needs
  • Phase-to-phase power supply. Constant flame detection with advanced electronics in any type of installation
  • Compatible with the SPOT smart remote control

Thanks to the technology it employs, the Antea Next can be connected with multiple systems, acting as a single control unit:

  • Pre-setting for alternate sources: thanks to an intelligent algorithm, it acts as a control unit for alternate sources
  • Connection with BMS and IOT building automation systems via Modbus port for integration with other devices
  • Extreme versatility with the board featuring two standard multifunction relays for customising the system:
    solar (for controlling the solar plant without an external controller),
    alarm output (for home automation connections, in order to signal any blockages of the boiler itself),
    booster pump (for the management of a secondary circulator),
    multi-energy management (via a three-way valve for managing the water’s return flow, which can be conveyed to a water heater or directly to the boiler)  and DHW recirculation pump (KRB models only).


Installation and Maintenance Made Easy

The Antea Next is designed to make installation and maintenance an efficient and time-saving process. The QuickLoc system simplifies mounting, while the excellent accessibility allows the heat exchanger and connections to be easily cleaned. The concealed connections improve the unit’s safety and aesthetics, while the easily accessible and inspectable siphon ensures reliable operation. Thanks to the new front panel with improved sound insulation the Antea Next is quieter, making it difficult to tell when it’s on or off, or when it’s in function. For unparalleled silence and tranquillity.


With the new Antea Next, Fondital has once again demonstrated its commitment to sustainable heating. Using green hydrogen, state-of-the-art technology, and an advanced user interface, the Antea Next offers outstanding performance, while at the same time guaranteeing a reduced environmental impact and considerable energy savings.

For environmentally responsible, state-of-the-art heating, the Antea Next is the ideal choice. Learn more about all the advantages that make it the best choice for an eco-friendly home heating solution.

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