RODI DUAL 1400-3500

Rodi Dual is a high performance floor-standing boiler in steel for heating only, suitable for blown gas and diesel fuel burners.


  • Three-star performance
  • Electric panel for multi-zone management
  • Operating pressure: 6 bar


  • Boiler body in steel with flue pipes and flame inversion furnace
  • Operation with blown-air gas burners
  • Front door with reversible opening
  • Rear door which can be opened for inspections and to clean the flue pipes
  • Holder for control thermometers
  • Electrical control and management panel (to be ordered separately) in the standard version (C), with two-stage burner control, heating circulator control, recirculation pump control, arrangement for external water heater, alarm and operating signals, moreover, the multi-zone version (PC) comes with a control for three zone pumps
  • Covering with round casing made of embossed aluminium and high density rock wool mat-type insulation
  • Efficiency rating according to 92/42/EEC: ★★

This model is ONLY available for EXTRA CE countries

Models Rated heat input [kW] Empty weight [Kg] Dimensions W x H x D [mm]
RODI DUAL 1400 1517 2600 1470x1746x2886
RODI DUAL 1600 1733 2600 1470x1746x2886
RODI DUAL 1800 1950 2750 1470x1746x3096
RODI DUAL 2000 2167 2650 1600x1876x3220
RODI DUAL 2400 2600 3900 1600x1876x3480
RODI DUAL 3000 3250 5200 1870x2146x3480
RODI DUAL 3500 3792 5700 1870x2146x3935

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