Inverter monobloc air water heat pump
Heating and cooling water production


  • CLASS A+++ for models X5 - X7. CLASS A++ for models X11 - X15 - T11 - T15 (for medium and low temperature climate conditions, according to regulations EU 811/2013, EN 14511)
  • High COP for heating performance
  • Control panel with user interface provided as standard. It can be remotely controlled from the inside of the house
  • Compact sized and installation outside the monobloc (all the system is included in one body only)
  • Cascade installation is possible up to 4 units (1 Master + 3 Slaves) (only for heating or cooling water, not for DHW)
  • It can be matched with DHW production boilers, heating elements boilers and back-up boilers
  • Included in the price: heat pump and control panel


  • Hydrophilic treated finned coil - Improved resistance to corrosion and condensation formation prevention
  • Inverter twin rotary type compressor (for models from 7 to 15)
  • Integrated hydraulic unit with expansion vessel, high efficiency pump, flow switch, vent and safety valve
  • Variable speed axial fans
  • Electronic expansion valve for refrigerant fluid optimisation
  • ECO defrosting function (in addition to traditional defrosting by cycle inversion)
  • An additional external temperature probe can be connected

Models Refrigerant gas Alimentation Nominal heat output
Water T 35°C [kW] (2)
Nominal heat output
Water T 55°C [kW] (2)
Energy efficiency class
Water T = 35°C (1)
Energy efficiency class
Water T = 55°C (1)
L x H x D [mm]
Gross weight [Kg]
X5 R410 A Single-phase 5,10 4,41 908 x 821 x 350 68,5
X7 R410 A Single-phase 7,15 6,51 908 x 821 x 350 80,5
X11 R410 A Single-phase 11,25 9,46 908 x 1363 x 350 125
X15 R410 A Single-phase 15,1 13,09 908 x 1363 x 350 125
T11 R410 A Three-phase 11,2 9,93 908 x 1363 x 350 128
T15 R410 A Three-phase 15 13,61 908 x 1363 x 350 128

(1) According to Regulations EU 811/2013 – EN 14511 medium climate conditions , low and medium temperature water
Outdoor air T 7°C (dry bulb) – 6°C (wet bulb)
Inlet / outlet water T Low temperature: 30 / 35°C
Inlet / outlet water T Medium temperature: 47 / 55°C
(2) According to EN14511, outdoor air T 7°C (dry bulb) - 6°C (wet bulb) (bulbo umido)

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