Thermoelectric joining technology: innovation and research at the heart of the process.

With this quote from the genius of Albert Einstein, Engineer Maurizio Bologna, Head of the R&D Department, related specifically for radiators, introduces the latest revolutionary Fondital’s innovation: the thermoelectric melting plug.

Launched in 2015 was preceded by two types of plugs: traditional one and a crimping technology plug.


The first, launched in the '70s, has several advantages including 100% aluminium alloy and absence of gaskets. The crimping model allows instead to avoid accumulation of dirt, welding residues and to obtain a better aesthetic.

From the union of the advantages of these two types, the thermoelectric melting plug was born.

Thanks to the use of this unique manufacturing process, the plug is integrated with the radiator, becoming a single piece, entirely in aluminium, without wastefulness of energy and material and therefore totally ecological. For these reasons, production technique is recognized internationally by the patent to further demonstrate the importance and merits of this technology.


Undoubtedly this innovation is a big milestone, and hasn’t been achieved without making sacrifices.


As the Engineer Maurizio Bologna testifies, it is the result of a three-year hard work focusing on the continuous implementation of new technology systems to support innovation.


 This route was born from an innovative idea that no one, for structural problems of various kinds, thought would be able to implement the industry.

The secret was to try, again and again, to understand what actually did not work, and then modify it or adapt it.

Undoubtedly, it requires a lot of tenacity, deal of initiative and free spirit, all elements that have always distinguished our company, and allowed us to go beyond the theorems and common ways to become innovators.

In this perspective, technology is used in the function of the idea, to try to marginalize the elements that obstruct its implementation and overcome the prejudices.

This goal was only possible thanks to a large investment in R&D, over the years it has been a long process for continuous experimentation in the context of aluminium manufacturing associated with the scouting of new technologies. To achieve optimal results, it is important to work in different sections to capture and identify new areas of application and instrumentation from which gleaned the information, enriching our field of investigation.

All this only confirms the evolutionary process begun since the origins of Fondital, which sees in its history five major innovations:

  • -the crimping technology plug
  • - chequered version,with posterior and lateral ribs
  • -the linea B2 with a free head that allows better air circulation and thus  .
  • -the ellipsoidal water chamber that reduces water content by increasing the mechanical resistance to pressure and thermal inertia.
  • -the Aleternum® treatment that protect from corrosion in a way never reached before. 


"We were looking for something innovative, cause you can't keep doing the same things and expect to get different results. The outcome we have achieved opens a new world. "

In fact, the application of this specific product, can be extended to different sections, allowing continuous expansion and improvement. It is therefore only the beginning of what seems to be, for all intents and purposes, the fundamental turning point.

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