1970: Opening of the first plant in Vestone, Vallesabbia, dedicated to the production of die-cast radiators

1984: Begin of gas radiators production

1987: Fondital begins its expansion with the opening of the second plant in Vestone and the production of extruded aluminium radiators


1992: Opening of the first plant in Carpeneda, located in Vobarno, for the production of die-cast radiators


2009: Opening of the second plant in Carpenenda, administrative headquarters and boilers production

2013-2015:Production of electric radiators and innovation of the bimetal die-cast radiator

2017:Expansion of the first plant in Carpeneda and production launch of high-power generators


2018: Production of structural aluminium castings for Automotive was launched


2019: Opening of the plant in Lipetsk, Russia, aiming to expand its commercial network


2020: Opening of the third plant in Carpeneda

2021: Introduction of heat pumps and hybrid systems into the product range

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n. Reg. Imprese: 01963300171 - EORI/P. IVA: IT00667490981 - R.E.A. BS - 280789 - Capitale sociale: € 60.000.000 i.v. “Soggetta all’attività di direzione e coordinamento ex art. 2497 bis C.C. da parte di SILMAR GROUP S.p.A. - Cod. Fisc. 02075160172”

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